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Firm news
Hugh James raises £50,000 for Velindre and pledges another year of support
11 Dec 2014

Hugh James has completed a year-long campaign of fundraising for Velindre Cancer Centre, raising £50,000. The firm has also nominated Velindre as... >

by Joe Purcell

Joe Purcell
Firm news
Hugh James and Cardiff Business Council partner up at the inaugural MIPIM UK
24 Nov 2014

Caroline O'Flaherty, Partner in Commercial Property at Hugh James, attended the inaugural MIPIM UK property conference in mid-October. MIPIM is the... >

by Caroline O'Flaherty

Caroline O'Flaherty
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Are tests for mesothelioma about to become less invasive?
26 Jan 2015

Researchers have potentially found a new way of testing for the lung cancer mesothelioma caused by asbestos exposure. It was thought that the only... >

by Richard Green

How to prevent someone selling estate assets in a will dispute or claim under the Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act 1975
23 Jan 2015

Vlad comments on the approach adopted by the court when deciding whether to remove a caution registered against land subject to various probate... >

by Vlad Macdonald-Munteanu

01 Vlad Macdonald-Munteanu
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Press coverage
The Rise of Bankruptcy Restriction Orders issued by the Insolvency Service
3 Dec 2014 |

Raheel Khan comments on business owners attempting to manipulate the insolvency process. ... >

by Raheel Khan

Raheel Khan
Press coverage
Employers postponing auto-enrolment due to lack of preparation
3 Dec 2014 |

Louise Price notes that 4,590 of the 10,817 businesses that should have auto-enrolled staff have postponed the move.  ... >

by Louise Price

Louise Price

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