19 December 2018 | Firm news | Article by Alan Collins

States of Jersey Council of Ministers announces new redress scheme for victims of Les Chenes

Jersey’s Council of Ministers has announced the creation of a new redress scheme for abuse survivors.

It is recognised through the work of the Independent Jersey Care Inquiry that vulnerable children were let down by Jersey’s care system. Many children were subjected to abuse and are still living with the consequences of that abuse today.

I represent 75 former residents of the Les Chenes children’s home in their fight for justice. Many were subject to detention and isolation. It is hoped that the redress scheme will provide some measure of justice for them.

The cost of administering the Redress Scheme lies in the hands of the Council of Ministers. If the scheme is protracted and complicated it will obviously cost more than if it is administered as quickly and fairly as possible.

We at Hugh James have worked with the States of Jersey’s representatives to give it the opportunity to create a just scheme that can be run in a fair and very cost effective manner. It is now up to the Council of Ministers to decide what it wants to do.


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