How to book a holiday – Katherine Allen offers her best tips

24 Jul 2017 | Comment

  1. What do you want from your holiday?

    Decide what sort of trip you want and what your budget is.  This will help you to narrow your holiday search.

  2. Research your destination

    Once you have decided on a destination do your research – make sure you know what the local customs are, what the facilities are and the best time to travel to that destination to avoid extreme weather conditions.  Did you know, for example, that it is illegal to import more than 200 cigarettes into Thailand or that in Barbados it is an offence to dress in camouflage clothing?

  3. Reviews

    Before you book a hotel check the reviews – not the reviews provided by the holiday company you are booking with but preferably independent ones.   Do a Google search using the name of the hotel to find them.

  4. What sort of protection do you want?

    “Having everything taken care of” is now the most popular reason for booking a package, for  almost three quarters of consumers. “Best value option for price”, which was the most popular reason in 2015, has slipped to second place. Financial protection has also increased significantly as a reason for booking a package – almost doubling from 16% in 2015 to 29% in 2016. Other key reasons for booking a package include convenience and demand for all inclusive deals.

  5. Shop Around

    Once you know where you want to go shop around for the best deal.  Comparison sites make this much easier now and there can be huge variations in prices between the different providers.  Just one word of warning – if there is a large difference in price just double-check that providers are offering the same holiday on the same basis – the old adage you get what you pay for can sometimes ring true!

  6. All-Inclusive versus B&B?

    If you want to pay for pretty much all of the cost of the holiday upfront and limit the costs while you are abroad then an all-inclusive package might be for you.   Some resorts will only offer buffet all-inclusive, others will offer a la carte all-inclusive deals so that you can order off a menu in the usual way.  If the thought of eating in the same restaurants all the time you are away is not appealing then a B&B deal might be more suitable.

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