Cavity wall insulation claims

Over the last decade millions of properties have been fitted with cavity wall insulation, usually as part of a government backed scheme offered by energy suppliers. Cavity wall insulation, when correctly installed at suitable properties in accordance with industry guidance, ought to reduce the amount of heat escaping through the property’s walls and ultimately lead to a considerable saving in energy bills.

However, it has come to light that cavity wall insulation at a large number of properties were installed in a manner well short of industry guidance or that which ought to be reasonably expected from a competent installer.

Additionally, not all properties are suitable for cavity wall insulation. Cavity wall insulation may be inappropriate for properties which are located in dark areas or prone to wet weather or dampness, for example properties located in close proximity to rivers or the sea. However, despite this, some suppliers proceeded regardless to install insulation at these properties.

As a result, property owners have noticed problems with their properties such as damp, mould, smell, condensation, property damage and even health problems such as asthma and breathing difficulties. Such problems had not been present prior to the installation of the cavity wall insulation.

Most issues are not immediately apparent and do not become noticeable for some years following the incorrect installation of the cavity wall insulation. In such circumstances it is necessary to remove the insulation, usually at some cost and inconvenience to the property owner.

If you have had cavity wall insulation installed at your current property and believe that this was not done in accordance with industry guidance or that your property was in fact unsuitable to have that insulation installed and that, as a result, you have suffered damage to your property or suffered health problems such as asthma or breathing problems, Hugh James’ dedicated solicitors will be able to offer free advice on making a claim for compensation. Such a claim may include compensation for:

  • Cost of extraction and re-installing insulation and subsequent re-decoration
  • Cost of damage to furniture and other items
  • Ill-health effects

Talk to us today for free, initial advice on obtaining compensation.

How do I make a claim for compensation?

If the supplier in question does not agree to pay you compensation for the breach, you can make a claim via the court.

If you believe that you have suffered as a result of incorrectly installed cavity wall insulation you should contact us today, for free, initial advice on your claim.

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