Pollution nuisance

Hugh James has built up a team of environmental law experts and has had unrivalled success in applying the law to protect the environment.

The environmental solicitors at Hugh James are specialists who fight for local residents suffering from pollution nuisance. We represent clients on a no win, no fee basis in the pursuit of injunctions to prevent the nuisance from occurring in the future, and compensation to recognise the interference and disruption suffered in the past.

Pollution nuisance effects

The majority of pollution nuisance cases involve chemical spills from factories which cause property damage and occasionally an odour nuisance.

Pollution nuisance can have a significant affect on your property and standard of living. Clients tell us that as a result of the pollution their property has been so severely damaged that they have been unable to use their gardens and on some occasions are forced to leave their property. Many feel embarrassed when they have visitors because of the pollution.

Hugh James solicitors pollution nuisance experience

As discussed earlier many pollution nuisance cases develop into an odour nuisance. Hugh James environmental team are specialists in odour nuisance with the majority of our cases involving an odour nuisance. Some cases also include other allegations of nuisance such as pests or noise. We have acted for thousands of residents who complain that the odour from various sites affects them in their own homes.

Hugh James environmental law experiences

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in the field of environmental law and one of only a handful of firms in the country with the knowledge and expertise to successfully conduct environmental claims. We represent large communities right through to the individual with clients located throughout England and Wales.

All environmental claimant cases are dealt with by a dedicated team within the environment group headed by partner Neil Stockdale. Our environmental personnel keep up to date with legal developments that affect the work and together we have built up many years of experience in the field. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide the same efficient friendly service to all clients large or small.

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