Hugh James has extensive experience of dealing with a full range of motor claims on behalf of clients from pre-litigation stage through to litigation and settlement.

We have acted on behalf of a number of insurance companies and in the last 10 years have defended more than 20,000 claims.

We offer a competitive, bespoke claims handling service that has the capability to deal with volume claims or niche areas of the motor claims sector, whether on a delegated or non-delegated authority basis.

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Gareth Williams is a Consultant at Hugh James. He specialises in sports law and substantial commercial and insurance litigation. He has represented insurance and corporate risk clients for more than 25 years, handling complex and high value cases. He heads up the firm’s sports law department.

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Volume motor claims


We can offer competitive rates to deal with small claim and fast track motor claims whilst ensuring that the quality of claims management is not compromised.

We have particular experience in the delivery of volume claims management and can offer specialist volume legal services teams whenever required.

Technical and complex motor claims


Our technical lawyers have the experience required in order to handle the more valuable and complex claims that may arise, both in the areas of law and issues of quantum.

Credit hire


We recognise the challenging nature of this market and the importance of proactive management of these claims in order to reduce escalating costs.

Our team has the expertise required to conduct the forensic investigation required of documentation/credit hire agreements and rates evidence.

With access to validation processes we have been able to challenge these claims achieving considerable savings for our clients.

Motor fraud


Our specialist fraud solicitors have the necessary experience to identify indications of fraud (e.g. staged accidents, low velocity impact claims, exaggerated/misrepresented losses, phantom passenger claims) and to deal with them appropriately.

We will thoroughly screen claims for potential fraud indicators and, with the client’s agreement, devise an appropriate strategy for handling the claim. We recognise that pursuing counter fraud strategies can be costly and we identify the most cost effective way to tackle these claims on behalf of our clients.

Our team is happy to provide training and/or ad-hoc advice on the detection of fraud at any stage of a claim.

Low Velocity Impacts (LVIs)


The successful defence of these claims can be difficult.  As part of our initial claims screening our expertise means we are able to identify those cases which have reasonable prospect of success in arguing low speed impact.

We will agree an appropriate strategy for the defence of these claims with our clients and, as a result, we are able to deliver positive results for our clients and achieved considerable savings/successful outcomes.

Indemnity issues


As well as advising on the extent of policy coverage, we have extensive experience in handling claims where indemnity is an issue. We advise our clients on their potential liabilities, both contractual (under the policy of insurance) and/or statutory (under the Road Traffic Acts and/or Article 75).  In the light of the client’s liabilities we can advise on the best course of action to take to ensure that correct procedures are implemented and the prospects of recovery are maximised. 

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