Negligent surveyors

We understand the impact that a negligent surveyor can have on an individual or business. Surveyors are instructed to carry out a number of different functions. For example, when purchasing a property, or when seeking finance to fund works to a property, a surveyor will often be instructed to provide a building survey report setting out the value of the property and identifying any defects with the property. This information will have a significant impact on the decision to purchase the property, or whether you are able to negotiate a lower purchase price. If the valuation is incorrect, or the surveyor fails to identify key defects then the property could be worth less than you thought, or you may need to carry out expensive (and unanticipated) repairs to the building. If you feel that your surveyor has been negligent in the valuation of your property and that you have suffered a loss as a consequence, you may have grounds to bring a claim.

How do I know my surveyor has been negligent?

Circumstances where a surveyor has provided an inadequate service include:

  • negligently over-valuing or under-valuing a property;
  • providing negligent advice in relation to a property;
  • including incorrect information when reporting on a property, or failing to include important information in the valuation report;
  • failing to carry out a client’s instructions; and
  • failing to inspect a property thoroughly.

Cases against negligent surveyors

Recent and ongoing cases where we have successfully acted against surveyors include:

  • acting in a complex claim against a firm of surveyors who were engaged to carry out a building survey of a high-value property, where it has become apparent that a number of serious issues were not identified by the surveyor, including structural problems and subsidence.

If you have suffered loss because of a negligent surveyor then contact us today. Our experts can advise you whether you have a claim and we will help you to recover any losses you have incurred.

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