Falling accidents

Statistics show that falling accidents are among the most common cause of fatalities in the workplace. Falling injuries can be sustained as a result of both falling from height and falling objects.

Falling accidents are most commonly thought of as workplace injuries sustained by builders, roofers, linesmen, crane operators, window cleaners and general construction site workers. A falling from height injury can, however, occur in almost any profession. If you or a family member has suffered personal injury as a result of a fall from height or a falling object, you may be entitled to falling accidents claims and compensation. Contact our falling accidents solicitors today for free advice and guidance.

Workplace falling accidents

The Health and Safety Executive indicates that, in 2008/09, falling from height in the workplace resulted in 35 fatalities, 4,654 major injuries and 7,065 injuries resulting in three days or more being taken off work. Falling accidents include:

  • falling from a ladder
  • falling from scaffolding
  • falling from a roof
  • falling from a chair
  • falling off a stage
  • falling from any raised surface.

Objects falling from height causing injury

Along with falling from height injuries, workers can also sustain injury or even death from falling objects. Regardless of your working environment, there are likely to be potential objects that could cause an injury if they fall. These include:

  • a sign falling down
  • a light fitting falling from a ceiling
  • a falling piece of guttering
  • a box falling from a cupboard

The type of injury that could be sustained as a result of falling from height or being struck by a falling object can include:

  • injuries to arms and legs, including fractures
  • back injuries
  • shoulder injuries
  • neck and clavicle injuries
  • injuries to hands and feet
  • head injuries
  • broken and/or chipped teeth
  • or any other type of injury.

In the more serious cases, falling accidents may result in the death of an employee and family member. In this instance family members are able to make falling accidents claims as compensation for the death of a loved one.

Falling from height or sustaining a falling object injury

Falling accidents, injuries caused by falling objects, or falling from height in the workplace can have life changing implications for victims and their families. The level of injury sustained can have long term implications which include financial loss, loss of earnings, prolonged ill health, disability or even death. Individuals may also suffer psychological problems from the stress, concern and angst caused. If the injury was caused by employer liability, compensation may be claimed.

Personal injury compensation for falling accidents claims

If you think you have a legitimate falling accidents claim as a result of employer negligence, contact our workplace injury solicitors today. We will investigate your claim free of charge, with no obligation. If we believe your compensation claim has a reasonable chance of success, we will act on your behalf on a no win, no fee basis where possible.

We will discuss the various funding options with you during your free consultation.

Hugh James - leading falling accidents solicitors

The Hugh James Workplace Injury Team is one of the biggest in the UK and the largest in Wales. We’ve represented the interests of clients in Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales and further afield. Our dedicated falling accidents solicitors have the experience and expertise to help you claim the compensation you deserve.

When you instruct Hugh James, our falling accident solicitors act on your behalf and don’t sell your claim to a third party solicitor. We treat each person with the same level of care, knowledge and expertise, regardless of injury type and severity. To learn more, contact us today for free, no obligation, advice.

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