Slipping and tripping

Injuries sustained from slips and trips can happen whatever your job type or place of work. The Hugh James slipping and tripping workplace injury team can help you make a no win, no fee personal injury compensation claim. To speak with one of our expert solicitors please call today.

Slipping accidents and tripping accidents

Wherever you work, from an office environment or factory to a school, hospital or construction site, slips and trips can happen to anyone in the workplace. There are many different causes of these accidents at work, including:

  • Floors being left wet after cleaning
  • Spillages on floors that haven’t been mopped up
  • Upturned mats and carpets
  • Uneven floors or floorboards
  • Files, boxes and other furniture or items being left in walkways
  • Electric cables crossing walkways.

Most of us have probably, at one time or another, taken a fall in the workplace. Quite often there are no serious consequences apart from embarrassment. However, in more serious cases individuals may sustain a severe workplace injury from a slip or trip.

Workplace injuries caused by tripping hazards in the workplace

Common slipping and tripping injuries in the workplace can include:

  • Ankle injuries
  • Arm injuries
  • Back injuries
  • Head injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Leg injuries
  • Spinal injuries
  • Wrist injuries.

In the more serious cases, individuals may suffer permanent disability or even death.

Consequences of slipping accidents and tripping accidents slips and trips

The impact of a workplace injury from slips and trips can devastate an individual and their family. Alongside the pain and distress caused, individuals and their families may also suffer financial loss due to lost earnings and the need to pay for further treatment. Our workplace injury solicitors can help you claim compensation to recover your financial losses and to compensate for trauma.

Slipping and tripping in work claims

UK law recognises that slips and trips are not always just ‘accidents’. There are legal provisions in place to help those injured at work to claim personal injury compensation should their employer be at fault.

At Hugh James, we can help you investigate whether you have a legitimate claim free of charge, and without obligation. If we believe you have a claim, we can act on your behalf on a no win, no fee basis. Further information on funding is available here, or you can contact us for free advice.

Hugh James workplace injury compensation solicitors

The Hugh James Employer Liability Team is one of the largest workplace injury teams in Britain and the largest in Wales. We represent clients across Cardiff, Swansea, South Wales and England who have suffered an injury at work, and our experience, knowledge and expertise means that we can help you claim the compensation you deserve. As an independent law firm, we don’t sell your claim to the highest bidder, our team of solicitors act on your behalf throughout the claims process, whilst keeping you informed at every stage.

Contact us today to arrange your free, no obligation consultation about your claim.

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