Coke oven worker benefits

If you or a family member has suffered from lung cancer after working on or near a coke oven, you may be entitled to claim welfare benefits for lung cancer. Lung cancer welfare benefits may also be available to the families of deceased coke oven workers.

The Government has announced that former coke oven workers and their families are now entitled to claim Industrial Injuries Disability Benefit (IIDB) for lung cancer. IIDB is payable when the government decides that an injury or industrial disease has been caused by working in certain conditions. Hugh James solicitors are able to help you apply for lung cancer benefits for free, with no cost to you if your application is either accepted or rejected. We may also be able to act on your behalf should your application be rejected and you wish to appeal. We won’t charge if your appeal is unsuccessful.

Your Questions Answered

Are you eligible for Industrial Injuries Disability Benefits for coke oven lung cancer?

To qualify for the coke oven worker lung cancer benefit you or a family member must have worked for at least five years, mainly as a coke oven top worker, or for at least 15 years, mainly as a coke oven worker. In some circumstances those who worked as a coke oven top worker for less than five years may still be able to claim, to find out more contact us today.

The families of former coke oven workers who are now deceased, may also be able to claim IIDB if the death occurred up to 12 months prior to the benefits application being made.

What is the Industrial Injuries Disability Benefits process for coke oven lung cancer claims?

Once an application for lung cancer benefits is made, your claim will be considered by the Government to check you meet the minimum works criteria. If this is accepted you will be referred to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) doctor who will assess your claim. If the DWP doctor agrees that you suffer with the relevant injury or disease, they will award you a percentage of the disability benefit depending on the severity of the illness. A combined percentage of 14% or more will entitle you to a weekly payment of coke oven lung cancer benefit. The actual amount you receive will depend on how high the percentage is.

How can Hugh James help you apply for coke oven worker lung cancer benefit?

It is important to note that you can make the application for coke oven worker lung cancer benefit yourself, free of charge, by asking for an application form from your local Benefits Agency Office. It is also possible to seek advice from other organisations such as your union or the Citizens Advice Bureau, who can advise you on making an IIDB application.

Hugh James can make an application on your behalf.  If you wish to instruct Hugh James, we will consider your details and advise on your eligibility to claim. If eligible, we will complete all the application forms on your behalf and send them to the DWP free of charge, with no cost to you if your application is accepted or rejected. We can also represent you for a set fee if you wish to appeal a decision to reject your application, with no charge to you if your appeal is unsuccessful.

How much will a coke oven worker lung cancer benefit claim cost?

We will assess your claim, complete the application form and send to the DWP free of charge. If your claim is successful in the first instance, we will not charge you anything.

If your claim is denied by the DWP you can appeal. You can submit an appeal yourself through Hugh James, or ask organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau or your union to deal with your appeal. They will not charge for doing so.

If we agree an appeal should be made, and you would like us to act on your behalf, we can submit your appeal and represent you at the hearing. This service would incur a single payment of £240.00, which includes VAT, should your appeal be successful. You won’t be charged if your appeal is unsuccessful, or until coke oven worker lung cancer benefit is awarded, and you have received a lump sum back payment or benefits.

How to instruct Hugh James?

Contact our Industrial Injuries Disability Benefits team today by telephone or by completing our online enquiry form.

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