Industrial injuries claims

Industrial injuries benefit is split into two categories, accidents and prescribed diseases. It is a weekly benefit paid by the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and is assessed by percentage and paid to people who have had an accident or contracted a prescribed disease within their employment. You will not qualify if you are self-employed.

We offer a service to individuals who think that they may be entitled to receive Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit (IIDB) for the following conditions:
  • Pneumoconiosis;
  • Chronic Bronchitis and/or Emphysema;
  • Industrial deafness;
  • Vibration White Finger;
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome;
  • Osteoarthritis of the knee; and/or
  • Industrial accidents.

If you already receive IIDB you may be entitled to apply for a review of the level of award you receive. You may also be entitled to receive the following additional benefits:

  • Constant Attendance Allowance;
  • A payment under the Pneumoconiosis (Workers Group) Act 1979;
  • Exceptionally Severe Disablement Allowance;
  • Reduced Earnings Allowance; or
  • Retirement Allowance.

Following the recent announcements by the Government relating to a number of reforms in the welfare and benefits sector Hugh James knows that many individuals are understandably concerned. If you would like to discuss your entitlement to any of the above benefits, contact us today.

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Simon Ellis is a Partner with Hugh James and has worked with the firm for more than 20 years, having trained and qualified here. Simon heads up the Military Department, advising and assisting current and former military personnel with various health conditions and injuries.

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