Legal Updates for the Public Sector in Wales

Welsh Government Commercial Delivery (WGCD) Framework: Watch the replays


NPS Framework Fortnight Online Information Sessions 1-12 March | Hugh James


We hosted a series of online events in March 2021 for professionals working in the public sector across Wales. The Framework Fortnight sessions provided the sector with the latest legal updates relevant to them, offered access to Hugh James expertise, and introduced delegates to the various legal teams.

Formerly known as the National Procurement Service, the framework has evolved into the Welsh Government Commercial Delivery (WGCD) framework, allowing public sector bodies in Wales to engage the services of legal providers without the need to go through its own tender process. The Framework Fortnight followed on from the latest framework exercise for the provision of legal services - with Hugh James appointed to 13 separate lots across the framework. It represents the largest number of lots awarded to a single law firm for this round.

The firm has a strong track record supporting the public sector and has acted for organisations such as local authorities, health boards and Welsh Government sponsored bodies across Wales for many years.

Under the framework, Hugh James can now further extend the support it offers to public bodies in Wales and these events provide a real opportunity for organisations to engage with the firm and benefit from its expert legal advice.


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Information session video replays

Each online session covered details about the legal areas covered by each of the individual lots, a chance to meet the team that you'll be working with and up-to-date information on the latest topical issues.

You can watch the video replays on any of our framework sessions by clicking the links below.

New series released June 2021 - Lot 8 - Major IT & Commercial Contracts

Webinar: Intellectual Property | WGCD Framework - Lot 8

Lot 8 | Intellectual Property - how to manage and protect your rights
Emily Powell, Matt Detheridge and Harry Sawyer provide you with an introduction to intellectual property and explain why intellectual property is important to public authorities and how to protect your intellectual property rights and more.

Webinar: Construction Law | WGCD Framework - Lot 8

Lot 8 | Construction Law - practical completion and adjudication
Matthew discusses the practical and legal meaning of the commonly used, but often misunderstood, phrase "practical completion" in construction contracts. Jade provides an introduction to construction adjudication by considering the "5 W's".

Webinar: Forming Trading Entities | WGCD Framework - Lot 8

Lot 8 | Forming Trading Entities - the risks, benefits and procurement considerations
Gemma outlines the different corporate entities that can be formed, including local authority trading companies (LATC), a company limited by guarantee and a company limited by shares. Gemma covers their structure, liability limit and regulatory requirements. Emily discusses procurement considerations relating to each corporate vehicle.

Webinar: Contracts | WGCD Framework - Lot 8

Lot 8 | Contracts - the structure and terms of commercial agreements
Lowri Walters, Natalie Lane and Dominic Weston will discuss the structure and terms of commercial agreements.

Additional Lots

As part of our appointment to the WGCD framework, you are also able to instruct us under the following lots:

  • Lot 6 - Education Law
  • Lot 13 - Central Government Advice (Welsh Government)
  • Lot 14A - Mutual Investment Model (MIM) Major Projects Legal Advice
  • Lot 14B - Mutual Investment Model (MIM) Participating Organisations Project Advice


If you would like further information on these lots, please get in touch.