Gafoor Poultry Plant

We are instructed by residents in your area to pursue a civil claim against the operators of the Gafoor Poultry processing facility in relation to odour nuisance emanating from its premises at Fletcher Road.

The claim is for compensation for the loss of enjoyment of home caused by odour from the plant and possibly a claim for injunction to ensure that the site brings the nuisances to an end. The aim of the claim is to ensure that Gafoor is operating its site with due respect to its neighbours and without emitting excessive odour levels in the neighbourhood. The aim of the claim is not to close down the site or cause job losses.


Do you consider that the odour from the Gafoor Poultry Plant, Fletcher Road has affected you in or at your home?

If you consider you are affected by these issues and are interested in pursuing action for the effect it has had/has on you at your property, please fill in the form below: you will then be sent a link to a questionnaire which you will need to complete online by 16 February 2024.

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