Major Trauma Service

Patients and their families often need a lot of non-medical advice, help and assistance following a life changing accident.

This cannot always easily be provided by the medical staff at the hospital. Lawyers working in partnership with medics can offer great benefits to both patients and the NHS.

Hugh James has extensive experience in handling compensation claims for individuals who have suffered serious injuries.

Our team provides expert advice and services to ensure that you receive the highest possible level of compensation. We will also ensure that you obtain the best care, treatment and rehabilitation – a bespoke package reflective of your needs.

We can advise you on the following:

  • The Hugh James Emergency Fund and how it can assist you and your family
  • Obtaining private rehabilitation
  • Interim payments
  • Welfare benefits and emergency funding
  • Employment concerns
  • Charities that can assist you
  • Wills, Trusts and Power of Attorney and Court of Protection matters
  • Dealing with your mortgage, credit card and loan providers following a serious
  • Investigating any potential insurance cover that may benefit you
  • Social services and local authority funding for care and equipment.
  • Human and disability rights.

Can I once again say how appreciative I am of all the hard work you and all your team at Hugh James put in on my behalf. I have no doubt that without your perseverance and attention to detail we would not have achieved anything near the outcome. – Client

What are the benefits to patients of early advice?

By offering this service to patients allows them:

  • Access to free legal advice and signposting to relevant charities and organisations.
  • Early financial support to patients and their families through interim payments and
    continued payments from employers.
  • Focus on rehabilitation and recovery.
  • Early discharge from the NHS.
  • Personal Injury claimants entitlement to early private treatment and increased
    rehabilitation funded by insurance companies.
  • Patients not waiting on NHS wards for rehabilitation to commence.
  • Access to early privately funded rehabilitation points to better outcomes for
    severely injured patients.


What are the benefits of legal advice and services to the NHS?

Giving patient access to early advice greatly impacts the NHS in the following ways:

  • Increased high quality patient care via provision of advice
  • More time for medical staff to concentrate on treating patients
  • Large increases in NHS revenues via NHS Costs Recovery Scheme
  • NHS Costs Savings:
    • Insurance companies funding rehabilitation
    • Reduction in NHS bed occupancy rates.


The Hugh James Emergency Fund

When someone has suffered a catastrophic injury, the impact has wide-reaching repercussions. It turns lives upside down, not just emotionally, but financially as well.

Travel, accommodation and childcare may need to be arranged following catastrophic injury. We understand the extra financial strain that this may put on individuals and their families. That’s why we offer the Emergency Fund, which provides financial support during times of need.

What support can we provide?

The purpose of the Emergency Fund is to support families facing an increased financial burden immediately following a catastrophic injury. The fund is not unlimited, so Hugh James will take into account the financial situation of each applicant when allocating funds and prioritise those with limited resources.
Examples include:

  •  Travel costs for families visiting relatives in hospital or specialist
    rehabilitation units
  • Accommodation costs whilst a relative is in hospital
  • Child care (during the acute period)
  • Other costs in the acute period following a catastrophic injury.

Who can apply?

Anyone may apply to the Emergency Fund. We can offer support to those applicants who reside in England and Wales, who have an urgent financial need in the immediate aftermath following catastrophic injury.

What is the process?

Please complete the online form by visiting emergency fund page. Please ensure you have signed the declaration section before submitting your application.

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