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5 May 2023 | Podcasts | Article by Kathleen Hallisey

Father who abused daughter now identifying as a woman

In this week’s episode, the abuse team discuss a young woman’s experience of discovering her father, who sexually abused her, is being released from prison and now identifying as a woman.

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24 year old Ceri-Lee Galvin was abused for nine years from the age of eight by her father, Clive Bundy. Bundy was jailed for 15 years in 2016 but is now due for parole. She discovered that her father had transitioned and was now identifying as a woman.In a brave move, she has decided to forgo her anonymity as a survivor of sexual abuse, in order to raise awareness about a “legal loophole” that may allow sex offenders, like her father, to conceal their past by adopting a new gender identity.

The podcast delves into the legal and ethical implications of gender transition in cases of sexual abuse, as well as the emotional impact on survivors of abuse. They discuss the complexities of the case and offer insights into how the legal system can better support survivors.

We encourage anyone who has concerns about sexual abuse to get in touch. You can contact Alan Collins at [email protected] or Danielle Vincent at [email protected]

Author bio

Kathleen Hallisey

Senior Associate

Kathleen Hallisey is a Senior Associate in the Abuse Team at Hugh James.

Originally from the US, she began her legal career in New York before moving to the UK and becoming a solicitor. Throughout her career, she has exclusively acted on behalf of claimants, including those who suffered catastrophic injuries on the road or at work, were dismissed from their jobs as a result of discrimination, or sexually assaulted on university campuses.

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