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Hugh James is without doubt the most experienced group action firm in the UK. We have dealt with more cases where a group litigation order has been granted than any other firm. List of group litigation orders. We are a full service, top 100 UK law firm offering specialist legal and financial advice. With over 50 years’ experience, and six hundred staff members, we have the expertise to provide you a service you can trust.

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Our experienced lawyers have handled some of the largest group action cases in UK legal history and we have specialists who are able to fight cases across various sectors including financial mis-selling, investment scams, shareholder disputes, solicitor negligence, product liability, industrial illness, and data breach cases.

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We support you all the way. We help our clients and campaign groups at all stages from the initial assessment of the merits of a case and securing financial backing right through to trial.


We are at the forefront of technical innovation and invest in the latest technology, systems, and training to help ensure the efficient and smooth running of collective actions.

A firm you can trust – We are ranked as for our group litigation work in Chambers and Partners Guide to the legal profession.

Hugh James is known for its expertise in product liability, personal injury and environmental litigation. It has notable experience handling group claims relating to these areas, including collective actions concerning faulty medical devices and industrial disease.

The team at Hugh James is very capable, knowledgeable and quick to respond to any queries.

We are also active members of the Collective Redress Lawyers Association (‘CORLA’) which is dedicated to safeguarding and enhancing access to justice for claimants who have been harmed by wrongful conduct and who are seeking to vindicate their rights on a collective basis.

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In a class or group action, a group of claims with similar issues of fact and law are typically tried through a selection of “lead” or “test” cases. The Court will appoint lead solicitors to represent the group. The purpose of group litigation is that it reduces the overall cost of pursuing litigation for both parties and reduces delay by avoiding the need for each case to be determined individually or in multiple courts.

Usually, an application is made to the Court on behalf of existing claimants for a group litigation order (GLO) which provides for the cases to be tried as a group. In some cases, the Court may make a GLO of its own volition. Once a GLO is made, the Court will typically set a deadline for any additional claimants to join the group litigation.

It is difficult to predict how long a case will take. The timescale as to when the case will be concluded will be dependent to a large extent on the directions of the court, the conduct of the defendants, court listings and directions. Group action cases tend to take longer than a single case. It is not unusual for a group action to be concluded within three to four years, but a group action is beneficial in the long run as multiple issues can be determined by the same judge relating to all the cases within the same group, whilst at the same time keeping costs to a minimum. We will keep you updated throughout as to the progress of your claim.

You should contact the lead solicitors representing the claimants in a group action as soon as possible so that they may ascertain whether you have a claim. Time limits may apply.

Claims are often stronger when brought as part of a group. Please contact us so that we may discuss your potential claim with you. Time limits may apply.

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