10 June 2019 | Firm news

Webinar: Abandoned Vehicles replay

Abandoned cars, vans, caravans and other vehicles can cause a real headache for estate management. At best, they can be an eyesore and block much needed parking areas. At worst, they can be dangerous and a focus for anti-social behaviour. It may be difficult to identify if the vehicle is actually abandoned or is simply in poor condition, and to find out who the owner is. The problem has become worse since the introduction of a charge for the disposal of redundant vehicles. We are often asked for advice about when a landowner can remove and destroy the vehicle and if not what other options are available.

Partner and Head of the Housing Management team, Bethan Gladwyn and Senior Associate, Rebecca Rees recently hosted a webinar to look at the powers and duties which the police and local authorities have in relation to abandoned vehicles and what other options are open to registered social landlords and other landowners when faced with vehicle issues on their estates. This includes what action can be taken against tenants and others.

The webinar will be useful for housing management staff who have to deal with tenancy breaches as well as other staff who have responsibility for the management of estates.

We have posted the webinar recording above, for you to watch at your leisure.

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