5 April 2019 | Firm news | Article by Robert Phillips

Webinar: Town and Village Greens Replay

Whilst the idea of a Town and Village Green may conjure up images of a church fete and a maypole, the reality is often very different. Applications to register a green can be seen as a useful tool to frustrate development of land even where the land has been used for very different reasons. A number of recent cases are testament to how difficult this area of law can be. 

To address these complexities, Partner and Head of the Property Litigation team, Robert Phillips and Senior Associate, Rebecca Rees recently hosted a webinar, covering a variety of Town and Village Green related topics, including:

  • when a right to apply to register land as a Town or Village Green might arise;
  • what landowners can do to protect themselves and prevent registration;
  • what to look out for when acquiring a site for development; and
  • how the law is now different in Wales.

We have posted the webinar recording above, for you to watch at your leisure.

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