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Executor support services for law firms

We can assist executors by providing advice in relation to the following, or drafting the required documents:

  • renunciations of probate;
  • retirements and appointments of trustees named in the will, or where trusts arise under intestacy;
  • advice in relation to the variation of wills or intestacy, to include drafting deeds of variation;
  • independent advice to beneficiaries of estates where the acting law firm is unable to provide this;
  • advice in relation to deeds of disclaimer;
  • advice in relation to will trusts;
  • winding up trusts where required to include the drafting of the required deeds;
  • advice in relation to the terms of a will, to include the executors’ powers;
  • advice in relation to the executors’ duties and responsibilities;
  • advice in relation to any issues arising in the estate administration such as requests from beneficiaries or questions of risk and compliance for the estate;
  • advice in relation to the tax implications of any steps the executors are seeking to take;
  • registering the estate on HM Revenue and Customs’ Trust Registration Service, where this is required; and
  • advice in relation to overseas compliance; for example, where there is an overseas beneficiary.

Our Estate Administration teams work closely with our Private Wealth Disputes team, who offer assistance in any case where a dispute arises in relation to a estate.

Author bio

Eleanor Evans TEP


Eleanor is Head of the Trusts and Estates Administration Department, a large team dealing with estates and trusts administration on behalf of financial institution and trust corporation clients.  Eleanor is a specialist in wills, probate, tax and trusts, and is a full member of STEP (the Society of Trusts and Estates Practitioners).  She is also a committee member of the STEP Wales branch.

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