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Under the Bill, in carrying out procurement, a Contracting Authority must have regard to which of the following: (5 Points)(Required)

While no official timeframe has been given for when the Bill will be enacted, the UK Government has promised an implementation period before the provisions are activated to give contracting authorities and suppliers time to prepare. How long will this implementation period be? (5 Points)(Required)

Clause 18 of the Bill introduces a new competitive regime and provides that a contracting authority may award a public contract to the supplier that submits the most advantageous tender. This method of evaluation replaces the existing standard (under the PCR 2015), which is referred to as the most economically advantageous tender. True or False? This means that a contracting authority may reject a tender that is more economically advantageous. (5 points)(Required)

The Bill reduces the number of award procedures. There were five procedures under the PCR 2015, how many are there under the Bill? (5 Points)(Required)

Contracting authorities will be required to set and publish at least three key performance indicators in respect of public contracts with an estimated worth of more than £2 million, unless the authority considers that the supplier’s performance could not appropriately be assessed by reference to key performance indicators. Assuming KPIs are set, how often must the authority review performance and publish this information?(Required)