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2021 settlement reached for gas worker

During the 1970s and 1980s, Mr C worked for William Press & Sons all around the UK. Mr C was involved with various contracts including British Gas, where he worked as a labourer and later a gas works service layer. Mr C worked laying gas pipes and locating gas leaks. It was during this time that Mr C cleaned iron pipes that had been coated with asbestos. Mr C was instructed to clean the asbestos coating with a wire brush.

Hugh James determined that it was in this job that Mr C had been exposed to asbestos. Mr C’s exposure was also linked to fitting asbestos gaskets on a housing site in Chelmsley Wood, where 25,000 new houses were being built.

Many years later, Mr C was diagnosed with mesothelioma, caused by his previous asbestos exposure. Following his diagnosis, Mr C instructed Hugh James specialist asbestos lawyers. Sadly, Mr C passed away in September 2019, but his partner continued with the claim.

After threatening to issue court proceedings, the defendant finally admitted breach of duty in October 2020. An interim payment of £50,000 was obtained whilst the full value of Mr C’s claim was investigated. The claim was swiftly resolved thereafter. The damages received as a result of the claim, will provide Mr C’s partner with invaluable financial support in the future.

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