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23 March 2021 | Case Study |

Case Study: Compensation for former Metal Box Co Ltd. Neath mesothelioma sufferer

Mr S was diagnosed with mesothelioma arising from his exposure to asbestos dust during his school holiday at the age of 17. Mr S had spent two weeks working for Metal Box Co Ltd in Neath, South Wales.

Mr S’s job was to climb inside large industrial ovens which were lined with asbestos and scrape away the old asbestos insulation. Mr S went home covered in asbestos dust each day. Many other schoolboys were employed by the company in similar roles stripping out old asbestos insulation.

Many years later Mr S was diagnosed with mesothelioma caused by his previous asbestos exposure, and following his diagnosis Mr S instructed Hugh James specialist asbestos lawyers. An interim payment of £50,000 was quickly obtained from Metal Box Co Ltd, and judgment entered against the company whilst the full value of Mr S’s claim was investigated. The claim was swiftly resolved thereafter for a sum in excess of £300,000.

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