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18 March 2021 | Case Study |

Case Study: Valuable mesothelioma settlement with substantial funding for care for widow with dementia

Hugh James were instructed by Mr R who had recently been diagnosed with mesothelioma. He was exposed to asbestos whilst working at Wylfa Power Station as a cable installer, where he was require to cut and install asbestos insulation boards to insulate the cables. He then filled the gaps using an asbestos paste which he mixed up by hand. He later worked for a company called Refractory Services where he was required to strip asbestos lagging by hand at various sites to include Westwood Power Station and Carmarthen Bay Power Station.

Hugh James were able to secure an admission of liability from the defendants and an interim payment of £50,000 during his lifetime.

At the time of his diagnosis, there were suspicions that his wife was suffering from dementia however this had not been formally diagnosed. Prior to onset of his mesothelioma symptoms, the deceased was very well and had been caring for his wife unbeknown to the family.

After Mr R was diagnosed, the extent of his wife’s health issues became apparent. The family had to provide care for both their father and mother. Mrs R was subsequently diagnosed with dementia in November 2019 and sadly passed away a few months later.

Following their father’s death, their mother required round-the-clock supervision and care. Hugh James set about valuing the claim, which was complex because of the widow’s extensive care needs. Multiple expert reports were required to assess the value of this care and the widow’s life expectancy.

The matter ultimately settled for £450,000 gross which will provide funds for private care for the rest of the widow’s life.

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