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Compensation for motorcyclist who sustained serious injuries

Hundreds of thousands in compensation after motorcyclist sustains brain injury. Stewart* was riding his motorcycle at speed when a car emerged from a side road, directly into his path which caused a collision and Stewart to be thrown from his motorcycle.

He suffered a traumatic brain injury and multiple serious orthopaedic injuries including fractures to his spine, clavicle, ribs, wrist and hand and a complex degloving injury to the knee which required extensive multiple surgeries. He also developed urinary urgency and erectile problems.

As a result of the brain injury, Stewart suffered a change in personality, cognitive deficits and the loss of his professional career. His mobility was significantly restricted due to his orthopaedic injuries.

Liability, causation and quantum were all fiercely contested by the car driver’s insurers  such that Stewart’s previous solicitors, appointed by Stewart’s own insurers, advised him to accept an offer of £50,000 stating that this would be the best possible outcome that he could hope to achieve.

Stewart rejected that advice and sought representation from Hugh James.

We argued that Stewart travelling at speed was not the primary cause of the collision and instead  the driver had failed to make the appropriate checks before emerging from the side road.

We were successful in reaching a compensation award of £200,000 for Stewart which was net of an agreed liability apportionment of 80/20% basis.

Mark Robinson, personal injury solicitor at Hugh James, said:

This is yet another timely reminder that in cases involving motorcyclists, it is especially important that a firm who specialises in such claims and in dealing with life changing injuries should be instructed. Fortunately, our client recognised this in time, and we were able to achieve a settlement that was commensurate with the significant injuries that he sustained.

* The name and identifying details of the client have been changed to protect the privacy of the individuals involved

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