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26 October 2018 | Comment |

Coronation Street to tackle controversial topic of male rape

Coronation Street is breaking new territory by running a male rape story. I understand that one of the soap’s lead characters, David Platt will be the victim of rape in tonight’s episode.

Rape is, of course, a horrendous crime and one that we prefer not to talk about let along give much thought too. Male rape in my experience of having met many survivors, is still something  of a taboo subject making it even more difficult to discuss let along face up to. Just imagine how difficult it must be for a victim or survivor to come forward and report the crime, let alone discuss everything that goes with violation. The feelings of shock, shame, and self-blame can be very real. For many it strikes at their very masculinity, and can give rise to confusion, and again a sense of blame.

The story, I hope, will expose the realities of male rape, and will help break down the taboo, and encourage survivors to come forward and report as well as seek help and advice. There is, in fact, high quality advice and support available, but survivors need to know that it is there for them, and there is no shame whatsoever in accessing it. The police have highly trained specialist officers to investigate complaints of male rape in addition to their LGBT officers.

Rape and the use of drugs and alcohol is a feature of our times, and I hope this story will also help dispel myths and misunderstandings. At the end of the day rape is wrong regardless of your sexuality or gender.

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