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Half a million pounds for teenager who suffered brain injury as a young boy

George was assaulted when he was aged eight which left him with a skull fracture and brain injured. As a boy, George was a talented footballer and a high achiever at school.

He sadly suffered a depressed skull fracture and a brain injury when he was subjected to a serious unprovoked assault. As a result of the brain injury, George became short tempered, moody and aggressive and began to experience difficulties at school. By the time George was into his teens, his brain injury became more noticeable as he was failing to mature and progress in the same way as his peers.

At the time of the assault, an application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) was made. But it was felt this original assessment only accounted for the depressed skull fracture and so Hugh James were instructed. We argued that the original compensation award failed to take the nature and extent of George’s brain injury into account. The CICA requested additional medical evidence if they were to re-open and re-assess George’s case and so we sourced a supportive report from a Clinical Psychologist.

It was decided a clear prognosis could not be reached until George turned 16 years old.

Having started a joinery course after leaving school, George had to quit after six weeks due to his co-ordination problems and he also failed the examination to join the Army.

It was therefore clear that George was still suffering from the brain injury he sustained from the assault when he was a child.

Subsequently, Hugh James were eventually successful in obtaining the maximum award from the CICA for £500,000.00 on George’s behalf.

Jeanne Evans acted for George and said:

I am delighted that we managed to secure a maximum level award for this young man.

By consent with the CICA, without the time and cost to him of a final appeal hearing means he retains more of his award to fund the support and guidance he needs as a young adult.

The names and identifying details of the client have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals involved.

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Jeanne Evans


Jeanne Evans is a partner in the personal injury department, Manchester office acting for claimants and almost exclusively those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury arising from Road Traffic Accidents, Employer’s Liability Claims and Public Liability Claims.

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