25 March 2020 | Comment | Article by Robert Phillips

Help for commercial tenants struggling to pay their March quarter's rent

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic means many businesses working from leased premises may well be struggling to meet their March rent payment for the last quarter. 

If that’s you, our Property Dispute Resolution team can help with an affordable, fixed-price package of support to negotiate you onto a firmer footing with your landlord. 

Our package will focus on 5 steps: 

  1. Reviewing your lease to see what payments can be demanded by your landlord and when.

  2. Provide advice on the steps landlords can take to recover payments due, including a landlords’ ability to exercise forfeiture. 

  3. Provide advice on how the extent of service charges can be capped. 

  4. A round of negotiations with your landlord to agree a ‘rental holiday’ and limitations on service charge expenditure together with an arrears repayment plan. 
  5. Document an appropriate agreement to bind the landlord. 

Key Contact

Find out more on our Property Dispute Resolution or contact Robert Phillips on:

Robert Phillips 
Head of Property Dispute Resolution 

t:  029 2267 5560
e: robert.phillips@hughjames.com

For any other Coronavirus COVID-19 related business advice please visit our dedicated page Coronavirus COVID-19 legal advice & support for businesses.

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