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27 April 2021 | Comment | Article by Alan Collins

Islington Council proposes payment support scheme for non-recent child abuse survivors

Islington Council has published a proposed support payment scheme for survivors of abuse suffered while placed by the council in one of its children’s homes from 1966 to 1995.

The proposed scheme would enable abuse survivors to receive a financial support payment of £8,000, without having to bring a civil compensation claim. According to Islington Council’s website, payments would be made through a process that is described as straightforward and as quick to access as possible and that, apparently, minimises the need to re-live past trauma, or the risk of further trauma or harm.

In our experience, good intentions as to the “straightforwardness” of schemes such as this one do not necessarily chime with the reality and therefore, applicants need to appreciate this.

Participation in the scheme does not preclude bringing a civil claim for compensation against the Council, but credit has to be given for any payment received.

Further information can be found here.

We encourage anyone who has concerns about sexual abuse to get in touch. You can contact Alan Collins or Danielle Vincent.

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