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17 April 2023 | Podcasts | Article by Kieran Forsyth

Lawyers on the Block | Tax and Crypto with David Conway

In this episode of Lawyers on the Block, Kieran Forsyth, Associate in the Private Wealth Disputes team is joined by David Conway, an accountant at Crowe U.K. LLP, to make sense of the key tax concerns in relation to cryptocurrency and digital assets.

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Read Crowe U.K. LLP’s article on Cryptocurrency UK tax implications.

The podcast provides an insight into HMRC’s treatment of these assets and the reporting requirements incumbent on cryptocurrency holders out there. There is a discussion as to what you can do in utilising capital losses arising from a drop in value of crypto holdings as well as aspects such as making a negligible value claim which is important for those who have had such assets hacked or stolen. The podcast is tax focused, but David’s friendly nature makes this one which is easily understood and we are confident will provide some inspiration to holders out there who are keen to understand, in a practical sense, the tax position on their digital assets’

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Author bio

Kieran Forsyth

Senior Associate

Kieran Forsyth is a Senior Associate in the Private Wealth Disputes team. He advises both on contentious and non-contentious matters. On the non-contentious side, Kieran advises on high net worth trust and estate planning matters, whilst on the contentious side, Kieran can advise on all matters of trust, will and estate disputes including Inheritance Act claims.

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