20 January 2020 | Podcasts | Article by Roman Kubiak TEP

Podcast: Legacy giving - 5 things charities should consider in 2020

A podcast on securing the Future of Legacy Giving and 5 hot topics when it comes to legacy giving for charities with Roman Kubiak, Head of Contested Wills, Trusts and Estates and Vlad Macdonald-Munteanu, Associate at Hugh James



Roman Kubiak, Head of Contested Wills, Trusts and Estates and Vlad Macdonald-Munteanu, Associate, discuss their recent activities, from charity collecting with Macmillan to supporting the WCVA Welsh Charity Awards.

Roman's recent attendance at a panel session - Securing the Future of Legacy Giving at Marie Curie, part of their One Love Fundraising Festival, sees them both look at 5 hot topics when it comes to legacy giving for charities:

  1. Key factors and trends which have given rise to legacy disputes over the past ten years.
  2. Targeting the younger generation through the new and cutting-edge online wills offering.
  3. Managing brand and reputation, following the negative publicity from the recent sector scandals; Olive Cooke, President’s Club and Oxfam.
  4. The need for charities to protect, secure and recover assets properly belonging to them and the duty for both charities and their trustees to bring and defend legal proceedings where the circumstances justify it.*
  5. How people leave their legacies: restrictive gifts in wills and the dangers when not drafted correctly.

Tune in using the player above to find out more.

*Check out this useful guidance note from the Charity Commission to help trustees faced with potential litigation: Charities and litigation: a guide for trustees


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