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30 October 2022 | Case Study | Article by Jeanne Evans

Motorcyclist sustains brain injury after collision with car

Over £5 million in compensation for young man who was riding motorcycle. Dean* was riding his motorcycle along an A road when the approaching car on the opposite side of the road suddenly, unexpectedly and without warning attempted to turn right across Dean’s path, causing a collision and causing him to be thrown from his motorcycle.

Dean, aged 22 at the time of the accident, suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the collision with extensive right and left temporal and parietal haemorrhage and contusions with fractures of the left parietal and left temporal bones. He also sustained an injury to his chest with contusions to the lungs and a fracture of the right femur.

As a result of the brain injury, Dean has a significant ongoing disability. He suffers from impairment of cognitive function, struggles with initiation and motivation, and requires prompting.

Since the accident, Dean has experienced personality change and suffers from low mood. He suffers from poor memory and poor concentration. His mobility is restricted, and he experiences high levels of fatigue.

Dean lacks the capacity to manage his property and financial affairs and so a Deputy was appointed by the Court of Protection.

We were successful in reaching a lump sum compensation award of over £2,000,000 for Dean as well as an annual payment for life of over £48,000 per annum, which equates to over £5 million overall.

Jeanne Evans, Partner in personal injury at Hugh James who acted for Dean, said:

My young client suffered life changing injuries in this accident. His commitment to his rehabilitation, for which he should be commended, combined with the support of his loving family, he has achieved wonderful progress which has been a pleasure to witness over the years since the accident. The settlement achieved means that he can continue, to maintain his gains, to build on that progress and be able to make plans for his future.

* The names and identifying details of the client have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals involved.

Author bio

Jeanne Evans is a partner in the personal injury department, Manchester office acting for claimants and almost exclusively those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury arising from Road Traffic Accidents, Employer’s Liability Claims and Public Liability Claims.

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