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4 December 2023 | Comment | Article by Cari Sowden-Taylor

Embracing Grief: National Grief Awareness Week | 2 – 8 December 2023

This week is National Grief Awareness week and we’re helping raise awareness and normalise the concept of grief.

Grief is the experience of coping with loss. It can happen at any time, and nothing can truly prepare you for the overwhelming and unexpected emotions that can occur when you experience the loss of something or someone you love.

Grief is varied and complex, it can affect people in many ways.

Catherine Morgan, a Solicitor in the Serious Injury Team supports and advises individuals and their families in relation to catastrophic personal injuries and fatal accidents.

“As a solicitor who specialises in serious and fatal injuries, I see first-hand how grief can affect people in many ways. It’s often difficult to know what to say or how to support someone who is grieving, especially if you haven’t experienced a similar loss. It can be a worry when speaking to a person who is experiencing grief, to know if you are saying the right things or not.”

Often, it is not about the ‘right words’, most people look for support, comfort and empathy through actions like taking time to listen or providing a shoulder to cry on, so they feel they are not alone.

We work closely with several charities who provide support to the bereaved including 2wish.  2wish supports families who are affected by the death of a young person. Their mission is to ensure that all those affected by the sudden and traumatic death of a child or young adult aged 25 or under receive the bereavement support if they wish to access it.

The charity was established in 2012 and had been providing support throughout Wales. Due to their continued growth and need for the support, they are expanding into England which means their invaluable service will be available to the wider community.

National Grief Awareness week is an annual event that aims to create a safe space for individuals to openly discuss their experiences with grief. It was established to acknowledge that grief is a natural response to loss and that it should be accepted openly with compassion. It is important that anyone who is experiencing grief knows that they are not alone.

For more information about the support that can be provided or guidance on ways in which you can support people who are experiencing grief please visit:

Hugh James specialises in supporting families after fatal incidents such as road traffic collisions and incidents at work.  We support charities such as, the aforementioned, 2Wish, Brake and RoadPeace and offer legal advice to bereaved families.

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Cari Sowden-Taylor


Cari is a Partner and Joint Head of the National Serious Injury Team, and specialises in representing adult and child claimants who have sustained life changing injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal injuries, limb loss and polytrauma following road traffic collisions, injuries at work and assaults.

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