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9 June 2021 | Comment |

Taking part in the Hugh James Pro Bono Scheme helped me secure a paralegal role

9 June 2021

Since 2006, we’ve been working with Cardiff University’s School of Law and Politics, offering its students the opportunity to take part in a pro bono scheme around the delicate issue of NHS funding for care home fees.

After taking part in our pro bono scheme and finishing her exams, Cardiff University Law and French student, Hawys Davies, is now joining Hugh James as a paralegal in the nursing care team. She explains the role of the scheme and how it was an invaluable part of her learning. Scroll down to read more or view the video.

Hawys Davies

Hi, my name is Hawys Davies and I’m a final year Law and French LLB student at Cardiff University. I’m also a future paralegal in the Nursing Care department at Hugh James and I’m looking forward to starting this role in June of this year.

I was recently lucky enough to take part in the Cardiff University Continuing Healthcare Pro Bono Scheme which gave me the opportunity to learn more about this niche area of the law. The scheme took place virtually this year which meant around 40 students from Cardiff University had the opportunity to take part.

We met weekly with Lisa Morgan, a partner in the Nursing Care department and Katie Morgan, a solicitor who instructed us during the 10-week scheme. This project consisted of taking a fictional claim through each necessary step from its creation to its completion as they would with a real case. We were split into groups and given various tasks to complete for each session. Lisa and Katie gave an in-depth and informative presentation each week of the step we would be focusing on in order to explain how a claim progresses. We took part in a mock Independent Review Panel during which we used our advocacy skills to put forward our arguments as to why our client was entitled to Continuing Healthcare Funding and we received valuable feedback from both Lisa and Katie. We also learned important skills such as writing memos to solicitors which are skills students will take forward into their careers.

The pro bono scheme gave me the confidence to apply for a role as a paralegal at Hugh James and allowed me to have a ‘taster’ of what working in the Nursing Care department would be like. I’m really excited to join the team after finishing my final exams in June and I’m hugely grateful to the Continuing Healthcare Pro Bono Scheme for giving me the opportunity to learn more about Hugh James and the Nursing Care department. If you get the opportunity to take part in the scheme, definitely do it!

If you’re interested in taking part in the Pro Bono Scheme, or to read more about the scheme in general, visit our dedicated page.


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