Webinar Replay: Construction Law Update, Espresso Shots | June 2021

Construction Law Update 10.06.2021

Watch the replay of our always popular Construction Law Update, Espresso Shots; Three concentrated, 15-minute discussions on current Construction issues, designed to fuel thought leadership.

In this session we heard from Alun Tobias who discussed the use of Performance Bonds in the construction industry offering practical tips on the issues that can commonly arise with the use of such bonds and will also discuss their uses and limitations.  

Lawrence Mansell explained the nature and purpose of collateral warranties in the context of construction projects in the UK discussing what they are and when they should be used. Lawrence and considered some common issues that arise during the negotiation of collateral warranties and some key points to look out for.

Finally Jade Zelko took us through the 5 Ws of  Adjudication: why was adjudication introduced?, what is adjudication?, where can you find the adjudication process?, who is the adjudicator? and when should parties use adjudication? In doing so, Jade will also touch upon the types of disputes that are commonly referred to adjudication and provide practical suggestions on what is needed to bring an adjudication.



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