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24 March 2023 | Comment | Article by Bethan Gladwyn

Webinar Replay: The Equality Act for Housing Managers

Watch the replay of the Equality Act for Housing Managers

Join Matthew Chapman, Solicitor in the Housing Management team and Sali Owens, Associate in the Employment & HR team for this collaborative webinar in which they focus on ensuring housing professionals get to grips with the relevant requirements of the Equality Act and how it can impact decision making. Whether it is repeated antisocial behaviour from a tenant, a failure to maintain their property or similar breach, managing tenants can be made more complex where mental health is recognised to be at the root of the issue.

We look at the many considerations and questions Housing Managers and teams need to ask, such as:

  • What steps can you take to proactively manage the situation for the community whilst also complying with the legal requirements around the tenant’s health?
  • What medical evidence is required?
  • What duties do you have and how far do they extend?



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Author bio

Bethan Gladwyn


Bethan Gladwyn is head of the housing management team as a result of her capability and specialist knowledge in her field of law. A specialist in social housing law and practice, anti-social behaviour and landlord and tenant (residential), Bethan assisted in setting up Wales’s first anti-social behaviour unit at Hugh James.

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