28 July 2017 | Comment | Article by Katherine Allen

What to do when you have an accident abroad

Report the Accident

Report the accident to the hotel manager, the cabin crew, the tour operator’s representative and/or the police as appropriate.  Ensure the accident is noted in the accident book and, if an accident report is completed, make sure you get a copy of that report.



Medical Records

Obtain copies of any medical records relating to any treatment  you have before you leave to avoid any difficulties in obtaining copies of the records at a later date.




Take photographs or a video of the accident site so that you have evidence of exactly what caused the accident.  If any changes are made to the accident site following your accident, take photographs of the changes that are made.  Ensure the date and time of the photographs/video is captured in some way.



Get details of witnesses

If people saw what happened, obtain their contact details so that they can be contacted if necessary.



Keep a diary

Keep a diary of any medical appointments relating to injuries you sustained in the accident and any expenses you incur. Make notes about your injuries such as the level of pain you are in, how your injuries incapacitate you, the tasks your injuries prevent you from doing and whether anyone provides assistance to you.



Obtain Advice From a Specialist

Not all personal injury solicitors deal with

claims arising from accidents abroad and there are added complexities to these claims which do not always arise in claims involving domestic accidents.  A specialist will identify all the complexities and will be able to advise how best to deal with those.

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