3 August 2017 | Comment | Article by Katherine Allen

What to do when you suffer gastric illness on an all-inclusive holiday



Seek medical help

There may be a doctor on site at the hotel but if not the hotel staff will be able to direct you to an appropriate clinic.  Take a stool sample with you to the doctor.  Follow any medical advice you are given. If you cannot get to a doctor then speak to a pharmacist at a local chemist for advice.  Keep details of any medication you take.




Report the illness

Report the illness to the hotel manager and if you think there is any specific cause report that to the manager as well so that they can take steps to investigate.  Report the illness to the tour operator’s representative in resort.  Get a copy of any written report.  Do not sign any document or report that you cannot understand.




Medical records

Obtain copies of any medical records relating to any treatment  you have before you leave to avoid any difficulties in obtaining copies of the records at a later date.




Photographs and videos

Take photographs or a video of any examples of poor food hygiene and/or the quality of the food.




Get details

Get details of other guests who also suffer illness




Keep a Diary

Keep a diary of what you have eaten during your holiday and any particular concerns you have with any particular item.  You can also use the diary to record your illness symptoms and how they progress, how your symptoms incapacitate you, the tasks your symptoms prevent you from doing and whether anyone provides assistance to you.  If anyone does provide assistance, keep a note of how much time they spend doing so.  Keep a note of any expenses you incur and keep receipts.




Obtain advice from a specialist

Not all personal injury solicitors deal with claims arising from illness abroad. A specialist will identify all the complexities and will be able to advise how best to deal with those.  A specialist will also have a network of lawyers and experts in the country where you sustained your illness so that if any local evidence is required this can be easily obtained.

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