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How much responsibility will I have?

Tracey Singlehurst-Ward, Partner:

The departments are accustomed to the seat rotation system and each department was at ease welcoming me into the work environment and introducing me to the new subject during my training.

There is a steep learning curve in all departments and although you may begin by sitting in on client meetings, this progresses swiftly to conducting meetings on your own and sometimes carrying out the majority of the case management on a file under supervision.

Trainees are given a high level of client and partner contact and soon become an integral part of the team. The amount of responsibility you take on is reviewed with you on a regular basis both formally and informally. The opportunities are there for you to take on a great deal of responsibility if you show you are capable and ready for the challenge.

Lousha Bryl, Associate:

Hugh James is careful to ensure that trainees can handle their delegated work whilst gradually increasing responsibility over the two year period. During my training I worked closely with all my supervisors and as a result they monitored and controlled the level of responsibility and type of work that had been passed my way.

My involvement in each of my three seats was valued. I felt like an integral part of each team. We would have formal appraisals every three months but due to the close working relationship with supervisors, my work and progress was constantly appraised.

Elin Davies, Partner:

You will get as much responsibility as you show you are willing and able to take on.

If you go the extra mile you will ensure yourself quality work. In the volume departments you get to run your own case load and from that point of view they are very good seats to have.

Most of the time you will be given work from a number of fee earners, mainly partners, which means you get to know key people in the firm very quickly. On the flip-side there are certain ‘trainee duties’ which you cannot get away from but I never felt chained to the photocopier. In most seats you are given access to good support staff which is a real help when you are rushed off your feet.