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Gwen Morgan-Evans

Gwen is head of environmental claims and one of the UK’s leading environmental lawyers. She has 11 years’ experience specialising in group actions on behalf of communities affected by various forms of environmental pollution.

Gwen has successfully concluded a number of large environmental group actions in locations throughout the UK. She has represented many thousands of individuals securing compensation, and more importantly to the claimants, an end to the nuisance.

As well as environmental actions, Gwen has been involved in other major group action cases. These include the claim by injured passengers following the Gerona air crash and a multi-million pound claim by former miners for professional negligence against their former solicitors over alleged mishandling of injury claims.

Gwen successfully represented the claimants in the High Court group litigation case of Anslow & Ors v Norton Aluminium Ltd.

In addition to the high profile cases cited above, Gwen has acted or is currently acting as the lead solicitor in the following group action cases:

  • Parkwood Landfill Group Litigation (158 claims – Sheffield)
  • Fleetwood Group Litigation (130 claims – Lancashire
  • Wildriggs Animal Rendering Group Litigation (90 claims – Penrith)

Work history

Gwen became a partner with Hugh James in 2008. Before this she advanced through the ranks after completing her training contract with the firm and qualifying in 2001. Gwen is also a fluent Welsh speaker.