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Hugh James has built up a team of environmental law experts and has had unrivalled success in applying the law to protect the environment.

Environment solicitors at Hugh James is specialist dust nuisance lawyers who fight for local residents suffering from dust nuisance at their homes. We do not pursue claims on behalf of an individual, only on behalf of a group of residents who have a common interest. We represent clients on a no win, no fee basis in the pursuit of injunctions to prevent the nuisance from occurring in the future, and compensation to recognise the interference and disruption suffered in the past.

The effects of dust nuisance

Typically dust nuisance claims are against the site owners and/or operators of the facility that is causing the dust.

If you are suffering from dust nuisance you may regularly find dust settling on your cars, doors, windowsills and garden furniture. We have represented clients who have suffered from these problems, they’ve had to continually clean their outdoor possessions to stop the dust from accumulating. Some clients have alleged that the fallout has caused damage to their vehicles and uPVC window frames, and analysis has shown that some particles have burnt into their cars and windowsills.

Our environmental dust nuisance experience

Our environmental law specialists have dealt with a number of cases involving dust nuisance. We have acted for hundreds of residents who complain that the dust from various sites are affecting them in their own homes. In some cases, there has been a specific allegation of dust nuisance, whereas in other cases, dust is one of a number of other nuisances that combined form a ‘state of affairs’ that constitutes the nuisance. Whatever type of industrial works you are experiencing dust nuisance from, we can help.

Hugh James solicitors environmental law experiences

We are one of the UK’s leading specialists in the field of environmental law and one of only a handful of firms in the country with the knowledge and expertise to successfully conduct environmental claims. We represent large communities right through to the individual with clients located throughout England and Wales.

All environmental claimant cases are dealt with by a dedicated team within the environment group headed by partners Stephanie Eedy and Gwen Morgan-Evans. Our environmental personnel keep up to date with legal developments that affect the work and together we have built up many years of experience in the field. We pride ourselves on the fact that we provide the same efficient friendly service to all clients large or small.

Key Contact

Stephanie Eedy specialises in group actions on behalf of communities and residents across England and Wales affected by various forms of environmental pollution such as odour, noise and dust emanating from factories, landfill sites and other similar commercial entities.  She has successfully concluded a number of environmental group actions in locations within the UK and has secured compensation and an end to the nuisance on behalf of a large number of individuals.

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