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Mary Mulhall

Mary Mulhall has been representing claimants in asbestos disease cases since 2012, and specialise in mesothelioma, asbestosis and pleural thickening cases. She has represented clients in the UK, Spain and Ireland. Mary has represented a large number of claimants and successfully settled cases where both husband and wife have sadly been diagnosed with mesothelioma, later life asbestos exposure cases and a case brought 25 years after expiry of the limitation date.

She has successfully represented claimants who were self-employed, those who worked with asbestos for a matter of days, secondary exposure cases including secretaries who have briefly entered factories and garages, and those exposed to asbestos as teenagers. She is passionate about her clients and work and is committed to supporting charities and organisations that work in support of mesothelioma sufferers.




University of Brighton, BA (Hons) Law with Business, 1st class

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