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We are pleased to be acting as an agent in relation to whisky fungus claims. If you live near whisky production operations and have found black fungus growing on your gutters, around the side of your house or even on your car roof then this may be whisky fungus and you may be eligible to make a claim.

What is whisky fungus?

Whisky fungus is a black fungus that grows when ethanol is released into the atmosphere. The technical name for it is Baudoinia compniacensis.

Whisky fungus appears as black dots, spots and stains – it will often be found on gutters of homes, car roofs and bonnets.

Why is it called whisky fungus?

The fungus gets its name as it was first noticed growing on and around distilleries in Europe during the 1800s.

Whisky fungus flourishes around whisky production operations like distilleries because the process of distilling and aging liquor discharges ethanol into the environment and the whisky fungus uses the ethanol to grow.

Where can whisky fungus be found?

Whisky fungus is found near whisky production facilities such as those in Bonnybridge, Menstrie, Tullibody, Leven, Kilmarnock, Shieldhall, Glasgow and Dumbarton.

The largest whisky production facilities in Scotland are operated by Diageo and Chivas Brothers (Chivas).

Why is whisky fungus a problem?

The fungus causes staining and damages the homes and cars it grows on, this can have a negative effect on the area, not least in reducing property values. Homeowners also need to clean their homes and cars with corrosive, abrasive pressure washers and chemicals, causing further damage.

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