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18 March 2021 | Case Study |

Case Study: Diffuse pleural thickening settlement against Ministry of Defence

Hugh James were instructed by Mr S following his diagnosis with diffuse pleural thickening. He suffered a global respiratory disability of 85%, of which 20% was related to his diffuse pleural thickening.

Mr S had worked for the Ministry of Defence for the entirety of his working life. He was exposed to asbestos whilst working at the Aircraft and Armament Experiment Establishment in the 1960s.

Mr S’s role involved carrying out maintenance, modifications and repairs to Vulcan V Bombers. The aircrafts had alloy heat shields installed as part of the airframe. The seals and gaskets were made from asbestos due to the extreme temperatures. Mr S had to change the seals and gaskets. He suffered further asbestos exposure as a Charge Hand when the technicians used an airline to clean out the old brake discs which were made from asbestos.

A claim was intimated against the MOD and it was admitted that Mr S had been exposed to asbestos during the course of his employment. Medical evidence was provided and the claim ultimately settled for £61,000 gross.

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