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23 January 2019 | Comment |

Divorce season

The ‘wedding season’ is a commonly used phrase used to describe the summer months that are most popular to get married. However, new figures suggest that there is also a ‘divorce season’ as hundreds of people apply for divorce over the Christmas and New Year period. According to Government figures, a total of 455 divorce applications were made online between the 24 December and 1 January, with 13 of these being submitted on Christmas Day.

Divorce season may be upon us following the festive period, yet the process for divorce is rarely straight forward. Hugh James can provide advice and support to ensure that our clients are fully informed and move swiftly through the processes.

The decision to get a divorce requires careful planning and preparation and unfortunately the phrase ‘quickie divorce’, often heard in connection with the breakdown of marriages, is a misnomer. The divorce process takes around six weeks from the time a petition is presented at court to decree nisi stage (the first decree of divorce). A petitioner, the person filing for divorce, must then wait a minimum of six weeks and a day before they can apply to the court for the second and final decree of a divorce, a decree absolute. Therefore the quickest a divorce may be finalised is three months. In many cases though one or both of the parties is advised not to apply for decree absolute until the financial arrangements have been dealt with.

Speaking to our solicitors will provide you with a good understanding of your options, allowing you to come to a fully informed final decision. Should you wish to proceed, they can assist you in the drafting of your divorce petition.

If you would like to find out more about your options, or to speak to one of our solicitors regarding divorce proceeding please contact our family team on 029 2267 5680.

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