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23 November 2020 | Podcasts | Article by Abigail Flanagan

HJ Talks About Social Housing Podcast | Dealing with contractors: How to avoid it going wrong and what to do when it does

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In this podcast, Tracey Singlehurst-Ward and Abigail Flanagan in the Dispute Resolution team, talk about some of the most common problems they have seen arising in the last year when dealing with contractors in the social housing sector.

They discuss their top tips for how to prevent things going wrong in the first place, hoping for prevention rather than cure. Sometimes the worst can happen however, and they talk about experiences of dealing with cases of poor performance, inability to terminate and other disputes and how to tackle them.

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Author bio

Tracey Singlehurst-Ward


Tracey Singlehurst-Ward is a Partner in the firm and sits within the dispute resolution team. Tracey practises in general commercial and company disputes, and complements her strong core practice with specialist expertise in intellectual property, sports law, information law and privacy and media.

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