19 October 2021 | Comment | Article by Cari Sowden-Taylor

Neuro ProActive: The new digital platform for neurological rehabilitation

When we heard about Neuro ProActive, we were excited to learn how this would benefit people, such as our clients, who suffer neurological conditions and healthcare professionals.

Neuro ProActive is a new rehabilitation digital platform which brings together patients, therapists and family members to co-ordinate neurological rehabilitation and long-term management of neurological conditions.

Ian Pearce, creator of Neuro ProActive, has first-hand experience of the challenges families face on the road to recovery, after his father suffered a stroke in 2017. Ian very quickly realised that the rehabilitation process was not easy to navigate for his father, family members and the clinicians treating him and so he wanted to see if the process could be improved by using technology. That is why Neuro ProActive was developed.

Partner in the Neurolaw team, Cari Sowden-Taylor, sat down with Ian to find out how Neuro ProActive may help individuals and families after a life changing brain or spinal injury and also assist both NHS and private clinicians / therapists in the delivery of neuro-rehabilitation.  

Neuro Proactive interview

To find out more about Neuro ProActive visit the website here.


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