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3 July 2024 | Comment | Article by Angharad Jones

Action Mesothelioma Day | Our work with Asbestos Support Central England (ASCE)

Call for witnesses in investigation of asbestos exposure | C. A Sothers Ltd

The first Friday in July marks Action Mesothelioma Day (AMD), a day to raise awareness of those suffering from Mesothelioma, a cancer usually found in the lining of the lung (but can also be found in the peritoneum) as a result of previous asbestos exposure. Each year the event aims to raise vital funds for research in addition to remembering those suffering and sadly lost to the disease.

Asbestos Support Central England (ASCE) was established in 2017 to help and support anyone living in the region who is affected by asbestos related diseases and to campaign for the strictest possible enforcement of regulations and legislation to protect current workers and communities. ASCE covers the whole of the West Midlands area including Birmingham, Coventry, Stoke and Wolverhampton City Council areas, all parts of the former West Midlands Metropolitan County and the counties of Gloucestershire, Herefordshire, Oxfordshire Shropshire, Staffordshire, Warwickshire and Worcestershire.

ASCE provides ongoing support to those affected by mesothelioma and other asbestos related disease with ongoing support. Specifically, it provides help with state benefits, information on legal compensation and referrals to solicitors for legal advice, support and assistance to asbestos support groups, home visits and a telephone service.

Witness appeal | C. A. Sothers Ltd

Our Asbestos team is currently investigating a claim for a gentleman exposed to asbestos in a number of locations across Birmingham while working for local company C. A. Sothers Ltd between 1961 and 1974.

He worked as an electrician and his likely exposure over various sites demonstrates how widely asbestos was used across the city and wider region. Having spoken to a former colleague, it is believed that he came into contact with asbestos at warehouses where steelwork was sprayed with asbestos and during steelworks ‘shutdown periods’ where asbestos lagged pipework was being removed.

It is also believed that as an electrician he drilled ceiling tiles to enable him to undertake electrical work at petrol stations and cinemas. Further, it is understood he may have also undertaken work at boiler houses at hospitals, schools and universities in the area where asbestos lagging was either mixed and applied to boilers and pipework or removed due to its poor condition.

The famous Jewellery Quarter was no exception to asbestos use as it is also understood that he undertook work on asbestos sheets and tiles here as well as fuse boards that contained asbestos quenching pads and worked alongside asbestos lagged pipework that ran throughout the quarter.

Anyone who has information on work undertaken by C A Sothers between 1961 and 1974 is urged to contact Angharad Jones in our Asbestos team on 02920 391 100.

Author bio

Angharad Jones

Senior Associate

Angharad is a Senior Associate in the Industrial Disease department and has over three years of experience in dealing with asbestos related disease claims. She acts for patients suffering from asbestos related diseases including asbestosis, pleural thickening and mesothelioma, and also specialises in claims for silicosis.

Disclaimer: The information on the Hugh James website is for general information only and reflects the position at the date of publication. It does not constitute legal advice and should not be treated as such. If you would like to ensure the commentary reflects current legislation, case law or best practice, please contact the blog author.


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