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8 January 2021 | Comment |

Public procurement, Sell2Wales and the new UK e-notification service

Now that the UK has officially left the EU, new UK public procurement opportunities will need to be published on the new UK e-notification service called Find a Tender Service (FTS). For the numerous Welsh contracting authorities who use Sell2Wales as their e-notification service, it will continue to be business as usual as Sell2Wales will continue to operate in a similar way as it did before the end of the transition period. All procurement notices for above threshold contracts will need to be published on FTS through Sell2Wales, much the same as if it was an OJEU notice.

However, some changes to Sell2Wales will start to be gradually introduced, including the following changes expected to be introduced this month:

  1. Terminology changes on the portal to reflect changes to public procurement.
  2. The introduction of a Welsh flag icon which will appear in the ‘Search Contracts’ page for contracts below the relevant threshold.

If you would like assistance in managing your procurement process through Sell2Wales, or in respect of any other aspect of your procurement, please get in touch with a member of our corporate and commercial department.

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