Webinar Replay: Construction Law Update | 19 October 2021

Webinar: Construction Law Update replay | October 2021

Watch the replay for our Construction Law Update

Taking you through the latest construction sector updates, all from the comfort and safety of your own home. View the key topics that were discussed in our webinar below:

How to avoid project disputes

When disputes arise, they can seriously threaten the success of a construction and engineering project. Looking back at past cases and disputes, Ioan Prydderch looks at some of the ways you can avoid this happening to you.

Dealing with insolvency in the construction supply chain

Few construction projects over the last 18 months have been left untouched by the effects of Covid-19, Brexit and now the materials and labour shortage. Regrettably, this has increased the risk of insolvency in the construction supply chain. Matthew Stevens takes a look at some of the ways in which you can protect your business, project or works from the effect of an insolvency in your supply chain.

The soaring cost of materials 

The fast-rising cost of materials is a current, real live issue in the construction industry for clients, contractors and quantity surveyors alike. It is impacting on projects where the contractor is in contract and also future projects that are about to be tendered. In this session, Iwan Jenkins looks at some of the options available including the mechanisms in the JCT D&B 2016 and NEC ECC forms of building contract and also more bespoke options that can be considered if there is a desire to move away from fixed-price contracts without the use of the fluctuations mechanism or the price adjustment for inflation mechanism.

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