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22 May 2024 | Witness Appeals | Article by Mary Mulhall

Witness Appeal: Did you work for Bailey Meters & Controls Limited in Croydon between 1957 and 1964?

The specialist asbestos claims team have been instructed to pursue a civil compensation claim by Terry Mason.

Terry worked for the manufacturing company Bailey Meters & Control Limited between 1957 and 1963. The factory was based at 218 Purley Way in Croydon. In the late 1970s, Bailey Meters & Controls Limited was taken over by Babcock International. The Purley Way site became the home of Bristol Babcock Limited (BBL).

Bailey Meters made control panels for industrial systems which included boilers. Asbestos sheeting was cut in the factory and used when constructing the control panels and asbestos. The wiring on the control panels was covered with asbestos and frequently stripped off.

The Purley Way Site was large factory and employer a number of people working. The boiler room at the factory was lagged with asbestos that was frequently disturbed and removed.

A former employee recalls:

”I was taken on as a General Trainee to learn all of the skills required in the manufacture of metering equipment and control panels which Bailey’s Meters & Controls were developing at that time.”

Another former employee mentions the scale of the control panels:

“They were making control panels for industrial systems including boilers and some of the panels were so large that you actually could walk inside them while they were being assembled.”

We are looking for any former colleagues who can confirm how exposure arose at the time and ideally anyone who worked in Bailey Meters & Control Limited at the same time as Terry. If you worked with Terry at any point during his time at Bailey Meters & Control Limited and recall being exposed to asbestos or have any other information relating to asbestos exposure at Purley Way site please consider contacting us to assist with his claim.

If you have any further details or information that could assist our asbestos team, please get in touch by calling Mary Mulhall on 0203 911 4232 or by email at [email protected].

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Mary Mulhall


Mary Mulhall is a Partner in the Industrial Disease department, and has been representing claimants in asbestos disease cases since 2012, specialising in mesothelioma, asbestosis and pleural thickening cases.

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